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USA Calls Georgia for Strict Anticorruption Measures

(Tbilisi, March 21, Civil Georgia) – Anticorruption Council Secretary Mirian Gogiashvili stated on March 20 that the US administration calls Georgian government for dismissal of corrupted high level stated officials.

The issue was discussed during Gogiashvili’s visit to the United States of America.

Anticorruption Council Secretary states that he will reveal the names of those officials who are involved in corruption in the nearest days.

According to Gogiashvili officials from law enforcement agencies are the most corrupted.

Gogiashvili also confirmed that the government intends to reduce number of ministries from 19 to 10 and stated departments from 29 to 7.

“These changes in the executive government should be carried out before the end of the 2002,” Gogiashvili stated.     


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