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Abkhazian Side Guarantees Security to Georgian Population in Kodori

(Tbilisi. December 14. Civil Georgia) – Breakaway Republic of Abkhazia guarantees security to the Georgian population of Kodori gorge, the only territory in Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government, in case the military units of Georgia withdraws from the gorge.

Abkhaz Presidential aide Astamur Tania stated on December 13 that the 350 Georgian soldiers deployed in Kodori hinders peace talk between the sides. UN special envoy Dieter Boden is also for Georgian army’s withdrawal from the gorge. 

Georgian authorities are against withdrawal and state that military units defend local Georgian population of Kodori gorge.

Georgian Defense Ministry dispatched additional forces in Kodori gorge in October, when the armed clashes between Georgian-Chechen joint guerrillas and Abkhaz military units took place. 

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