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It is not Dangerous to Withdraw Russian Military Base from Akhalkalaki, Burjanadze Says

(Tbilisi. December 13. Civil Georgia) – “Withdrawal of Russian military base from Akhalkalaki will not cause destabilization in the region as it is supposed,” Georgian Parliamentary Chairperson Nino Burjanadze stated during her visit to Yerevan. She is returning to Tbilisi today.  

Majority of the population in Akhalkalaki, southern Georgia, is Armenian. It works at the Russian military base and fear that they will be left unemployed if the base is pulled out. Armenian officials are also concerned of possible social unrest in the region after the base is withdrawn. 

Georgia demands that Akhalkalaki base be pulled out in three years, while the Russian side claims that 14 years are necessary for the withdrawal.

Negotiations on the issue between Georgia and Russia are stopped at the moment.


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