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State Security Ministry Attacks the Freedom of Speech – Zhvania States

“The State Security Ministry’s action is unprecedented attack against the freedom of speech”, Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania announced.

Zhvania held the special briefing because of the situation in independent broadcasting company Rustavi 2.

“If some representatives of the government decided to go against the society, I will dissociate from this part of the government”, Parliamentary Chairman stated.

Zurab Zhvania considers in this part of government Ministry of Internal Affairs Kakha Targamadze. Zhvania stated that Targamadze threatened Rustavi 2 for several times.

About 30 officers of the Georgian State Security Ministry marched into independent TV company Rustavi-2 and insisted on inspecting all the financial documents of the company. The court sanctioned their demand.

The company management regards the Security Ministry’s action as the President’s mounted pressure on mass media.

This post is also available in: ქართული (Georgian)


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