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No Chechen Guerrillas Participated in the Fighting

Chechen guerrillas did not participated in the battle near Gulribshi village, Abkhazia, the news agency Prime News reports, quoting Defense Ministry of self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia Vladimir Mikarba. The guerrillas attacked from the Kodori gorge – the only part of Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government, Mikarba stated. Russian news agencies inform that Chechen and Georgian guerrillas attacked Abkhaz military units on September 24.

After the meeting of Parliamentary “Confidence Group” with the ministers of defense, security and internal affairs the power ministers made no comments regarding neither the information, nor the situation in the Pankisi and Kodori gorges.

Georgian MPs think that Russia could provoke the fighting in Abkhazia in order to mount the military actions in Georgia.

Russia accuses Georgia in harboring Chechen terrorists in Pankisi and Kodori gorges. Tbilisi officials deny the accusation.


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