U.S.-Financed Project to Counter Anti-Western Propaganda

U.S. Department of State has allocated half a million USD to help Georgia counter anti-western propaganda, by raising public awareness on European and Euro-Atlantic integration process.

The 18-month project called Increasing Regional Outreach and Engagement Over Western Integration carried out by the Foreign Ministry’s Information Center on NATO and the EU, aims at providing “objective and thorough information” on the country’s cooperation with EU and NATO, in Georgia’s regions predominantly populated by ethnic and religious minorities.

Chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy Elizabeth Rood said at today’s presentation that U.S. is sponsoring projects to show its support to Georgia “on its path to integration into EU and NATO,” stressing that the U.S. stand besides Georgia “on that journey.”

“This project will create a viable dialogue, while educating more Georgians on the benefits of Georgia’s irreversible choice for western integration,” Rood said.

According to her, the project will provide information on the successes and challenges of Georgia’s aspiration to become the part of “western community of democracies” in more distant regions and will educate more citizens about the benefits of Georgia’s “irreversible choice for Western integration.”

Speaking of the increasing anti-western propaganda in Georgia, Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani said the propaganda should be countered with “advancing economy, solidifying democratic values and by demonstrating benefits of European integration,” instead of counter-propaganda.

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