‘Stop Russophobic Music Video’ – Ombudsman Tells Georgian TV

Georgian Public Defender Sozar Subari has called on Rustavi 2, a nationwide Georgian television station, to immediately stop airing a “Russophobic” music video containing elements of “hate speech.”
Rustavi 2 TV aired late in the evening of August 26 after its primetime news program a music video of a song – Russia 2008 – performed by a Georgian singer in the Russian language. The song describes Russia as “a country of freaks,” which “is looting everything, even looting toilet seats.” It also contains the following words: "You [referring to Russians] are the killers of the Tsar… and you will drown in blood… [swear words follow].” It also says “you are all skinheads.” The video was again aired by Rustavi 2 TV on August 27.
“The lyrics of the song are extremely insulting towards the Russian people,” the public defender said in a statement on August 27. “It represents an alarming example of the expression of ethnic hatred and xenophobia, and broadcasting this product can be regarded as an obvious attempt at inciting ethnic hatred.”


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