“Citizens’ Union Intentionally Let Russian Spies To Georgia”

Today’s “Akhali Taoba” returns once again to divulged story of Russian image-maker team invited by the “Citizens’ Union” to Georgia before the elections. As it is known, recently member of the Russian intelligence service Alexei Sidnikov has been arrested in Abkhazia. This is a very person that has been a member to a 12 man-strong image-maker team. “According to “Akhali Taoba’s” information all expenses of the “visit” and spying of this group was paid by the member of the Russian government Kasyanenko (one million SD). “That time, this 12 member team intruded deep into Georgian political ‘kitchen’ and took many ‘recipes’ that Russia migh definitely use against Georgia” – writes “Akhali Taoba”.

The newspaper considers, that the Presidnet was against of inviting this team to Georia, “However it looks like otherswanted it and they got what they wanted”. That time, when the image-makers story got disclosed, the party refused their existence in the beginning and later started saying that they were Americans but not Russians. As the newspaper has known, some of high-level authorities of the party were aware that there were spies among the image-makers.

Even President had met one of the team’s members. Shevardnadze said, that if he had knew that there were spies among the image-makers, he would surely had cancelled their visit. “It remains unknown who knew about the spies and why no one questioned identity of people who were let into the country and granted access to very sensitive secrets and why noone thought about the harm this could bring to us” asks “Akhali Taoba”

“Akhali Taoba”


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