Review of the Parliament’s Bureau Session. July 3rd, 2001

On July 3rd expanded session of the Parliament’s Bureau discussed fulfillment of the budget for the first half of year 2001. The State Minister Gia Arsenishvili and ministers of Finances, Tax Incomes, State Property Management, Justice and the representatives of the National bank attended the session.

According to the information by the Tax Incomes Minister Mikheil Machavariani, predicted parameters for tax incomes for Jun were matched for 101%. Finance Minister confirms these figures too. He considers, that tendencies in fulfillment and mobilization of tax incomes are more promising comparing to the same period of year 200. Minister announced, that the Ministry would start to cover the debts in salaries, pensions and social aids from June.

Both ministers paid special attention to the funds, collected by the Adjarian Tax and Customs services and were not transferred to the central budget. According to their information, amount of these funds is 6,7 million laris.

Justice Minister Mikheil Saakashvili and State Property Management Minister Levan Dzneladze talked about their ministries’ share in completion of the central budget. Justice Minister thinks, that investigation of bankrupted or illegally privatized entities, or non-profitable entities under partial or complete state ownership should be followed by their legal bankruptcy. He suggests the real activation of the Law on Bankruptcy. State Property Management minister thinks that bankruptcy service should be created as well.

State Minister Gia Arsenishvili mentioned, that with the joint effort of the “economic team” of the Government “elimination of roots of corruption in the Ministries of Finances and Tax Incomes has been made possible and this is an indicator of increase of incomes to the budget”.

Parliamentarians did catch up with the ministers’ attitude. Chairman of the Committee of Taxes and Incomes of the Parliament Vitali Khazaradze stated that there is an economic recovery in the country. His colleague from the Committee of Economic Policy says, “We will have an opportunity to surpass budget indicators”.

“Nogaideli’s famous “No” helped Finance Ministry to mobilize every lari to meet the social obligations” – said the Speaker of the Parliament. He made a negative evaluation concerning the un-transferred funds from Adjaria and stated, “This must not be only Machavariani’s problem. National Bank shouldalso say its word and make an effort to transfer these sums to the central budget”.


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