U.S. Ambassador on Protest Dispersal

U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, John Bass, said he was concerned by reports that there was “potentially an excessive force” used by individual officer as the riot police dispersed protest rally outside the Parliament shortly after midnight on May 26.

“I think it is important for the government to investigate these allegations seriously,” he told journalists after attending a military parade on Rustaveli Avenue marking Georgia’s Independence Day.

Echoing his May 25 remarks, Bass again reiterated that it was also important to remember, that “there were clearly a number of people included in that protest, who were not interested in peacefully protesting, but were looking to spark a violent confrontation.”

“I think that’s the further evidence of why frankly violence is not the solution to these challenges and it is not an appropriate way to debate the best solution to the challenges that Georgia faces,” he said.

Bass, who expressed his condolences to the families of a police officer and a protester who died during the last night’s developments, said that the government took “an important step” by offering protesters to hold their rally on May 26 at an alternative venue so that to allow the military parade go forward.

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