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Georgian Bus Driver Detained in Perevi Released

Authorities in breakaway South Ossetia released on December 1 a Georgian bus driver, Ramaz Makasarashvili, detained in the village of Perevi.

According to the statement by the authorities in the breakaway region, “Georgian citizen Ramaz Makasarashvili was detained on November 29 in the village of Perevi of the Java district of South Ossetia for disobedience to stop the vehicle at the checkpoint.”

Administratively Perevi is part of the Sachkhere district on the western part of the breakaway region’s administrative border, but it remains under the Russian forces control following the August war.

Nodar Abzhandadze, a local official from the Sachkhere municipality said on November 30 that the bus driver was detained for entering into the village without going through clearance on the Russian post installed at the entrance of Perevi. “But at the time when the bus entered into the village no one was manning the post and the detention seems to be a provocation,” the official said.

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