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Large Number of Explosives Found in Tbilisi

Georgian State Security Minister Valeri Khaburdzania said large arms cache was found in the suburbs of Tbilisi.

Valeri Khaburdzania said at a news briefing this evening that 77 bombs of C4 plastic explosives and large number of hand-grenades was found in the cache.

Security Minister explained that those “77 bombs of C4 plastic explosives, which has been found, are equivalent to 200 kg of TNT explosive.”

The Minister said that one person, suspected in keeping these explosives was arrested.

“It is not ruled out that he [suspect] might have ties with the foreign special services, at least his past makes us to suppose this,” Valeri Khaburdzania said.

Security Minister did not ruled out that explosion outside the State TV and Radio Corporation on December 3 might be linked to this arms cache, “however the investigation will give us the final answer regarding this case.“

He also said that there are forces in the country, which “might also be controlled from abroad,” aiming at destabilization of situation in the country.

Khaburdzania also said that there might be other arms caches in the capital city.

A large deposit of weapons was found on November 2 near Tbilisi, which included the hand-grenades, firearms, and explosives.

Earlier this week Georgian State Security Minister warned of possible attempts to disrupt the upcoming electoral process with attacks on the politicians, businessmen and media company chiefs.

Explosion rocked the building of the State TV and Radio Corporation late on December 3, causing no injuries. The blast blew out windows in the building.

Earlier this week hand-grenade was blown up outside the opposition Labor Party’s headquarters in Tbilisi. 

Security Minister Valerie Khaburdzania called on the population to be careful and stay away from crowded places.

“We do not rule out that a series of explosions may take place in Tbilisi. Therefore, I call on everybody to be watchful. If someone notices any doubtful things in the streets – bags, packages, please, call us immediately. A hot line will specially work at the Security Ministry,” the Security Minister said at a special news briefing on December 4.


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