Governor Says Criminals Involved in Locals

(Tbilisi, May 29, Civil Georgia) – Influential governor of Imereti (western Georgia) region Temur Shashiashvili stated at the government’s meeting on May 29, that persons involved in criminal activity are participating in the local self-governance elections in Imereti.

He accused one of the candidates Bondo Shalikiani, who runs for the Kutaisi (main town of Imereti) city council membership, in money laundering. Revival party supports Shalikiani’s candidature. 

“It is shame what is happening in Georgia in this elections,” the Governor said at the government’s meeting today.

He called the Interior Minister and General Prosecutor to pay attention to his statement.

After the government’s meeting Interior Minister Koba Narchemashvili told the reporters that law enforcement agencies will require from Imereti governor for the detail information concerning his report.  


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