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Georgian Defense Minister Ordered to Open Fire in Case of Hostility from Russian Soldiers

“Georgian armed forces blocked Russian troops in Kodori gorge. I ordered to open fire in case the Russian soldiers will act without notifying Georgian side,” Georgian Defense Minister Davit Tevzadze stated on April 12.

Chief of General Staff of Georgian Armed Forces Joni Pirtskhalaishvili meets Russian peacekeepers’ commander in Gali district, breakaway Abkhazia, at the moment and discusses situation in Kodori, Davit Tevzadze said.

78 Russian soldiers from the peacekeepers’ units deployed in the Abkhazian conflict zone were dispatched in the center of Kodori gorge this morning.

Georgian Foreign Minister stated today that the move is provocation against Georgia.

Shevardnadze Says Peacekeepers Should Leave Conflict Zone

UN Envoy to Georgia Concerned With Russian Move in Kodori

UN Secretary General’s special representative to Georgia Dieter Boden told Georgian State TV Company that Russian soldiers dispatching to upper Kodori gorge was a unilateral action.

“I can tell you for sure that we did not receive any notification about plans to carry out such a military action in the upper parts of the gorge. This is a serious incident,” Dieter Boden said.

Up to 80 Russian soldiers from peacekeeping troops are deployed in center of Kodori gorge at the moment. They are blocked by the Georgian troops.


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