CIS Peacekeepers Should Remain in Abkhazia – MFA of Russia

(Tbilisi. December 12. Civil Georgia) – At the end of this year expires mandate of the Russian peacekeeping forces deployed in Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone under the auspices of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

“The issue of prolongation of the mandate is not solved so far. This deteriorates situation in the conflict zone. CIS peacekeepers should remain in Abkhazia”, Russian Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Trubnikov stated.     

According to the resolution passed by the Georgian Parliament on October 12, further presence of the Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia is regarded as inappropriate. President Shevardnadze supported the resolution.

After the meeting with his Russian counterpart on November 30, President Shevardnadze changed possition and stated that it is not appropriate to hasten CIS peacekeepers withdrawal.


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