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Position of the Parliamentary Faction Traditionalist

Interview with Maia Nadiradze, the Faction Member

Member of the faction Traditionalist Maia Nadiradze talks about the policy of her faction as well as the situation existing in the whole Parliament. “Our faction passes a purely rightist policy. Property on land, free market, development of individualism and, in this particular case, emphasized relations with the West are out basic goals.

Since out faction is very small we try to bring others to our ideology and thus achieve parity division in the Parliament for there is not a majority anymore. We regard everyone as our partner when there is a decision to be made. There are certain people from the factions Citizens Union, Industrialists and New Abkhazia that stand very close to our ideology, Nadiradze says

Maia Nadiradze does not consider the faction New Rightist Wings as the Traditionalist’s political partner. “Even though they claim to be rightists, their hidden political orientation is the President. The party can never be in the opposition if it conducts policy of the President and the government. They only oppose the political units undesirable for them.

The purely rightist 10-member faction has the following principle: Lets say the truth and act the way beneficial to Georgia. Members of the faction wish to have more controlled government, responsible for its actions. They wish the decisions of the Parliament not to be neglected and conduct legislative activities presently needed for the country. She considers that the Parliament should pass laws essential for the country. While talking about the President Shevardnadze, Nadiradze talks about the necessity of changes and reduction of President’s power not because someone wants to neglect the president, but because the President looks at all this as his puppets.

Maia Nadiradze comments the collapse of the ruling Citizens’ Union Party the following way: You may get united to dissolve one monolith party. Old should be destroyed for the new to be built. After an ugly building is destroyed you cannot blame the individual stones for its ugliness. These stones may be used to build a totally new building. It is an absurd to constantly criticize these stones for being parts of an ugly building. Person claiming to be a politician is not supposed to criticize each separate stone. We must now think about what to build with these stones. I think that our faction will play an important role in this construction.

Any problem in the politics should be approached as a mathematic equation. To solve the equation, one should define its components first, which is not a single process. We have the very same situation in the country. We had Kakha Targamadze, minister of internal affairs that flourished smuggling and established tradition of corruption. We do not have him anymore. We had a monolith party, which was a prime source of adversity and it broke up. And finally, we have a woman as the Parliamentary Chairman, which is advantageous for the country. These were three components of the equation”, member of the faction Traditionalist Maia Nadiradze states and goes on the say that the equation still needs to be solved. Even though certain things have been done to overcome the crisis in the Parliament serious legislative work is still to be done, e.g. the tax system is to be adjusted

Maia Nadiradze believes that there will be no Parliamentary Majority anymore but she claims that together with its political partners the faction Traditionalist can make serious decisions in the Parliament.


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