Shevardnadze Does Not Know Where Chechen Field Commander Gelaev Is

(Tbilisi. November 19. Civil Georgia) – President Shevardnadze has no information about where Chechen field commander Ruslan Gelaev can be. “I do not know where Gelaev is. I do not exclude that he is in Georgia”, stated Eduard Shevardnadze today.

On November 7 President of Georgia admitted that Gelaev is in Georgia. In the wake of the statement Russian Prosecutor’s General Office demanded Georgian officials to extradite Gelaev on November 10.

Russia claims that Chechen field commander Gelaev is “the most dangerous criminal and terrorist.” A warrant for his arrest has been issued in September of the last year. Gelaev was suspected in recent escalation in Georgian breakaway province of Abkhazia.   

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