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Parliament Buraeu Session. September 4, 2001

On September 4 the Bureau decided, that the Autumn Session of the Parliament would open on September 11th with a report by the Speaker Zurab Zhvania on ongoing processes in the country. Political debates would be held during the first session.

Parliamentary Secretary of the President Valeri Khaburzania firmly refused allegation by the Chairman of the faction “Industrialists” Gogi Topadze, who pledged, that illegal changes have been made to the Election Code after its adoption.

Zurab Zhvania made its own comment regarding the matter. He excluded possibility of inclusion of additional paragraphs into the document, which had seals and his signatures on each page when submitted to the State Chancellery. However, he Zhvania decided to form a commission to investigate the issue.

Bureau decided to include into agenda discussions of the candidature of Levan Mamaladze for the post of the Minister of Taxes and Incomes.


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