Head of the Parliament has Faith in the President

An open letter to the President of Georgia from Head of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania has been actively discussed in both governmental branches and the press. Mr. Zhvania held a briefing concerning the letter yesterday. He said reason of publishing the letter was that all time has expired and it is important that real steps be made in order not to keep events beyond the government control.

“The government is helpless concerning the corruption widespread in the country. This is why the society does not trust state officials any more. We are over with announcements and declarations. The only way we can persuade a part of the electorate that we are able to deal with problems is to make sharp steps”, Mr. Zhvania stated.

The press is ironic about late eagerness of the Head of the Parliament. “It seems very interesting why Mr. Zhvania has remembered only now that territories of Georgia are to be reunited, poverty has become common in the country, and the state is drowning in corruption”, the Akhali Taoba says.

Several experts regard Mr. Zhvania’s open letter was not published because of great will to fight against corruption but the reason it was written was to gain political scores for the upcoming elections. Others think that political divorce of the first and the second state officials of the country has been initiated on the basis of the letter.

Mr. Zhvania denies the idea and claims: “With the appeal I was not aiming to dissociate with the President. I think he is the one who can consolidate the power caring about the country’s welfare”.

According to the Resonance, the Head of the Parliament called the President for making sharp choices and expects straight actions form him. “Those identified with corruption” (phrase from the letter) who have been called to leave the positions in the sake of the country’s prosperity represent Shevardnadze’s support. They are related to Mr. Shevardnadze’s family through business or other activities. “Thus it is impossible for the President to make a sharp choice between Citizens’ Union – the ruling party with the leadership of Mr. Zhvania and the rest of the government in Zhvania’s opposition”, the Resonance states.

Chances to get out from the corruption swamp is equal to zero for that government conflict between whose legislative and executive branches is obvious for everyone.

It will soon become clear whether the President and the Parliament agree. The fact is that Zhvania has faith in the President’s support. And in case of the support Mr. Shevardnadze will definitely have to change the government office, now for the third time.

The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba; The Dilis Gazeti


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