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Where Are the Kidnapped Spanish Businessmen?

Delegation of Spanish Embassy in Russia came to Tbillisi and held negotiations in the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Georgia concerning two Spanish businessmen kidnapped last year. “The trace of Antonio Trenelio and Hose Rogriges kidnapped in November 2000 has not been found yet. It seems they have been vanished”, the Dilis Gazeti states. According to a reliable source of information, relatives of the kidnapped have had virtual talks with the kidnappers. The Spanish businessmen are supposed to be in the Pankisi Valley.

The fact was followed by huge resonance in Spain. The Spanish mass media covers the case every day.

“The kidnapping conditions were very strange: an armed policeman was accompanying the Spanish on the way to Tbilisi airport when criminals stopped them”, tells the newspaper. The kidnappers left the policeman on the road. He would definitely call somebody for help and declare about the kidnapping case. Supposing that the Spanish were taken to the Pankisi Valley it would be easy to block the road there (200 km) but the police did not act consequently.

In case Kists (Chechens living in the Pankisi Valley, Georgia) are the kidnappers they were certainly supported by somebody or a certain group from Tbilisi. “Otherwise they would not even dream in Pakisi that there were Spanish businessmen in Tbilisi and that they were going to leave the country”, the newspaper states.

The newspaper presumes that the Spanish businessmen and many others kidnapped recently may be kept somewhere near Tbilisi at a place set by criminals.  

The Dilis Gazeti


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