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Deputies and Judges Accuse Each Other of Abrogation

Conflict between the Supreme Court and one part of deputies is being continued. Today members of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia, the ruling party, Eldar Shengelaia and Kote Kemularia responded the announcement made by head of the Supreme Court Lado Chantruria accusing them and Vasil Maghlaperidze (the CUG) of using pressure over the Supreme Court and interfering in its activities, which, he said, is an abrogation.

The Members of Parliament had made a statement according to which the judge Iuri Tkheshelashvili has made an anti-constitutional action when forced Guram Absandze, accused of organizing a terrorist act against President Shevardnadze, to leave the trial. The statement was followed by the above-mentioned announcement made by Lado Chanturia.

Shengelia and Kemularia say they have a letter signed by Members of Parliament, governors (gamgebeli) and heads of city councils of the Samegrelo region, 60 state officials in total. They insist that the trial of Guram Absandze be held fairly. There is a danger of intensive street meetings with the demand of justice recovery. The meetings will be arranged in Zugdidi and other parts of Samegrelo in case the above-mentioned abrogation is not taken into consideration (Absandze is from Samegrelo).

Deputies will send a written requirement to the head of the Supreme Court asking him to claim his position concerning the trial of Absandze and state whether the judge was entitled to force the accused to leave and continue the process afterwards. In case the deputies are not satisfied with the response of Chanturia they will lodge a complaint in the Constitutional Court. 



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