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Property Declaration of the President of Georgia

The Alia writes about the property declaration of the President of Georgia and his wife.

“Completing the declaration is the most unbearable process for state officials because they start to worry about where to take their legal or illegal possessions”, the Alia states. Those who have too much wealth officially register their property on their wives, parents, mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, and cousins.

Declaration of Eduard Shevardnadze is the first one out of all the states officials. “The property declaration of Shevardnadze clearly shows how poor Georgia is and points at the status our country has been given recently”, meaning that Georgia has been regarded as one the poorest countries.

“I live in a building, which is owned by the state”, this is the only thing the President has written in a graph where the declaration maker should point at the movable and immovable property he owns.

Both the President and his wife Nanuli Shevardnadze have deposits in the Bank of Georgia. Eduard Shevardnadze has a deposit of 9,491 USD while Nanuli Shevardnadze has that of 228,463 USD there. Besides, the First Lady of Georgia has an account of 856,074 DM opened in the Deutche Bank in Germany.

“As to the cash, the President’s own cash is so miserable that it is not even worth mentioning”. The First Lady owns 9,500 GEL cash instead.

Declared annual salary of the President of Georgia is 4,800 GEL, which is 400 GEL (about 200 USD) a month. Shevardnadze also receives the author’s emolument of 105,570 DM for his book called “My Choice”.

Nanuli Shevardnadze is the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Peace to All” and the president of the international society “Ladies of Georgia for Peace and Living”. She does not have stable income from any of the jobs. “The First Lady who is working without any actual earning pays income tax of 1,093 USD in the Bank of Georgia and provides 10,220 USD for her granddaughter annually”, the Alia states.

The Alia.


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