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The Police Beat an Innocent Man Up

The police of Vani region took 32-year-old Shalva Tevdoradze to the police headquarters and asked him to admit that he had stolen cattle, which he had never done in fact.

Cow is not a small item for a thief to hide it in his pocket. “It has been a quite common way for the police to get black money from the real thief when it makes a guiltless person admit a crime which he has never done actually”, “the Resonance” states.

According to the complaint that damaged Shalva Tevdoradze’s wife made to the regional prosecutor on July 17, several heads and employees of the crime execution department arrested Tevdoradze without special order and were torturing him during the whole day.

Mataradze, regional inspector of Vani police headquarters, took the arrested in his cabinet and insisted that he admit the theft. When the demand did not work Mataradze called his colleagues. They beat Shalva Tevdoradze with hands, feet, and sticks without any mercy. 

The illegally arrested man has not admitted the crime committed by somebody else and has asked the regional prosecutor’s office for assistance.

“The Resonance”


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