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A Lawyer Claims that the Police Has Beaten Him Up

Three policemen beat Ledi Tukvadze, an advocate, who wanted to visit a person suspected in burglary in Terjola (region in the western Georgia) Police office. The damaged was unconscious when he was taken to Terjola hospital. General Asanidze, head of the regional police headquarters, is sure that the police would not have used force against the lawyer. 

After an agreement was made between Ledi Tukvadze and the family of the arrested Tukvadze went to the police office but he was not let in there. ‘The police would close the doors as soon as they would see us’, said the damaged lawyer and told the following story to ‘the Resonance’: I had the prosecutor of Terjola region warn the head of the police that I was intending to visit the arrested. ‘So I’m walked in the building. A policeman reached me and wanted to take me outside, – come out here, why did you get inside without warning me. When I told him that I was going to the head of the police office he told me, – the head said I don’t want to see him, kick him out of here. I called the head but before he would here me 3 policemen came up to me and beat me up. Relatives of the arrested have witnessed the fact’.

According to Tukvadze, the local police had known him quite well. He thinks that they had some earlier deals with him: once he could not be bribed and that was why he was physically offended.

‘According to the information I have, the advocate is being provocative’, told General Ruben Asanidze, head of the regional police headquarters, to ‘the Resonance’. The newspaper was more charmed by the statement made by Temur Barbakadze, head of Terjola police office: ‘when the lawyer was claiming that he was the defender of a guiltless man the woman in loss from the burglary heard him. She started to argue. He would definitely get damaged because of that quarrel. The police had nothing to do there’. If this version is true then it is interesting how a lady could have beaten Ledi Tukvadze so much that he was taken to hospitable in unconscious condition.

“The Resonance”


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