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Parliamentary Bargain Will Be Over Soon

Political bargain concerning the Cabinet of Ministers lasting for three months is almost over. At a special session, planned to start tomorrow it will become clear whether constitutional amendments will be implemented and Georgia will have the Prime Minister or not. Before the vote for constitutional amendments the Parliament is planning to pass the bills on self-governance and new electoral law.

The Parliamentary majority does not have enough votes for passing the draft on constitutional amendments. Thus it is looking for partners among other parliamentary fractions. It seemed suspecting for `the Resonance` when just several days before the discussion of constitutional amendments the oppositional fraction `Traditionalist` left the united opposition.

Fraction `New Abkhazia – Christian-Democrats` reacted on the disorder occurred in the opposition. According to the fraction, Zurab Zhvania, Head of the Parliament (`the Citizens’ Union`) has caused it; only a politically confused person would ever make a deal with Zhvania, he said. `Fraction `New Abkhaiza` is mostly mad on `the Traditionalist` and `the Entrepreneurs`, which has been suspected in been confused most of all`, states `the Akhali Taoba`.    

According to the lobby interviews, only several members of `the Traditionalist` and `the Entrepreneurs` but not one particular fraction will vote for the bill agreeable for `the Citizens’ Union`.

Akaki Asatiani, leader of the fraction `Traditionalist`, rejected the accusation. He said he had left the united opposition because it started making deal with `the Citizens’ Union`.  He has avoided the deal as a result of parting from the rest of the opposition. Asatiani announced that he will not support constitutional amendments until city mayors and governors are not elected.


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