Two Freed in Pankisi Valley

Two kidnapped persons have been released in Pankisi valley – Mamuka Arabuli, employee of the State Guard Service, kidnapped on July 12th and 80 years old David Bazerashvili, kidnapped on July 1st from Telavi (Eastern Georgia).

Georgian villagers did not free any of their hostage Kists (ethnic Chechens, historically residing in Georgia) in return of release of these two. Georgians refuse to release the hostages, until all kidnapped persons are not freed from Pankisi. Possibly two Spanish businessmen, brother of soccer player Levan Kaladze and one Arab businessman are being detained in Pankisi.

We remind, that after the kidnapping of Mamuka Arabuli, villagers of Laliskuri (Pankisi valley) took 7 Kist and Chechens in hostage on July 13. As an independent TV channel “Rustavi 2” has informed, one of the hostages appeared to be a Chechen field commander. Therefore, other Chechen field commanders are actively engaged in the negotiations with Georgian population.


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