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Additional Units of Internal Army Have Been Moved in to Akhmeta Region Due to Worsened Crime Situation

Situation remains tense in Kakheti (Eastern Georgia) after the worsening of crime situation two days ago in the region. On night of July 12, four unidentified persons kidnapped Mamuka Arabuli, employee of the State Guard Service, from Pshaveli village of the Telavi Region (Kakheti). Press Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that Arabuli’s “Niva” car was found in the same village. Law enforcers presume, that kidnapped Arabuli has been brought to Pankisi valley.

After this event, on July 13, Laliskuri villagers (Telavi region) took 8 Kist (Georgian Chechen) men in hostage with demands to release Mamuka Arabuli. Press Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announces that the authorities are negotiating with Laliskuri villagers to free the hostages.

Several special task units of the Internal Army have been moved to Akhmeta region (near to Pankisi valley). Internal Affairs Minister is now in Telavi, where the special headquarters have been established.


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