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The AES-TELASI Does Not Want to Be Responsible for Around the Clock Electricity

Formation of the agreement planned to be made between the AES-TELASI and customers failed again yesterday. As it occurs, the agreement lacks a lot for being perfect.

The Commission of Power Regulating of Georgia presented a version of the agreement at the meeting yesterday. Non-governmental organizations and the city council of Tbilisi disliked it and left the hall expressing their protest this way. But `the agreement was neither modified nor it was protested well enough`, `the Dilis Gazeti` states.

The most important and disputing issue is supplying the population with around the clock electricity. `As it appears, the AES TELASI does not want to be responsible to the population now either`, `the Resonance` says. `So many possible causes of power cuts are stated in the first paragraph of the agreement that is can be considered that supplying electricity to the city will definitely be hindered from time to time`, `the Dilis Gazeti` presumes.

Non-governmental organizations strictly insist that the city be provided with electricity for 24-hours a day. Davit Mirtskhulava, Minister of Energy, supported the NGOs but, on the other hand, he suggested that another power sector should also be responsible to the population together with the AES TELASI.



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