Two-Chamber Parliament in Adjaria – A Separatism?

Supreme Council of Adjarian Autonomous Republic has been transformed into the parliament. As “Rezonansi” newspaper writes, many politicians in Tbilisi foresaw danger of separatism in this fact. Parties of the ‘Batumi block’ soothe population, saying that it’s just a play of words.  However, the ruling party goes even further, accusing Aslan Abashidze (Chairman of the Adjaria’s Supreme Council) for accomplishing another order of the northern neighbor.

“Dilis Gazeti” (Morning Paper) thinks, that motives of constitutional changes in Adjaria “are as difficult to understand as is the thesis of the ruling party, saying that we are in process of economic recovery”.

Leader of Republican Party David Berdzenishvili assumes, that transformation of the Supreme Council of Adjaria ionto the parliament is a serious danger to the state and states, that Aslan Abashidze steals authority from the central government for already 10 years. “Constitution of Adjaria and their new statements mean only deepened separatism. But Abashidze is not the only one to blame. Shevardnadze does not do anything to tie him up” says Berdzenishvili. One of the leaders of “Agordzineba” told to “Rezonansi” newspaper that the Council’s transformation into the parliament does not necessarily mean separatism.  “These are just thoughts of the polititians whocan not distinguish dream from the reality” says Targamadze.

“Adjaria’s political elite promises us a creation of flagship o democracy by this “seasonal blossoming” of the progress in the region and accuses center for inspiring the separatism” writes “Dilis Gazeti”.


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