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Another Provocation from the Russian Press

`The Resonance` published an article appeared in `Novoe Izvestia`, a Russian newspaper, with the headline `Dead End in Georgian` (author Andrei Mdivani). In the article it is said that the Georgian authorities do not care about common people and that Shevardnadze was not able to realize his duties. It is pointed out that many Armenians and Azers live in Georgia and ethnic conflicts occur in the country. Besides, the author wrote unproven information, which he has probably heard by accident, according to which Zurab Zhvania, head of the parliament, and Irina Sarishvili, leader of the National-Democratic Party, are ethnically Armenians and Mikheil Saakashvili, the Justice Minister, and Gogi Topadze, influential businessman and Member of Parliament, are Jews. One of the most notable lies the author of the article has made was that while talking about the conflicts in Abkhazia and Southern Osetia he wrote about possibly upcoming disorder in Samegrelo (western part of Georgia). The conclusion of the article sounds the following way: `It (Georgia) will not be able to exist without a `supervisor` in the closest future`. The author meant Russia here. 

Georgian politicians pointed out that the above-mentioned article is another anti-Georgia campaign. According to today’s `Resonance`, the politicians mentioned in the article felt slandered. Mikheil Saakashvili considers that the theme of Samegrlo and ethnic problems are deliberately selected and mentioned in the article. Georgian politicians deny all the disinformation. 

`Russia still hopes that an authority advantageous for it will come to power in Georgia and let Russian military bases stay` (`the Resonance`), but it is worth wondering who may be an advantageous and real candidate for Russia while both the opposition and the ruling party have criticized the article and regarded it as another provocation made by Russian politicians.


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