Debts Are Being Covered

According to official information, budget of the month of June has been completed. As a result it will not be essential to sequester the budget any more, Zurab Noghaideli, the Finance Minister, announced. The Monetary Fund Program will be reestablished in Georgia. Covering of last year’s debts as well as that of foreign debts will be initiated. Georgia owes money to 13 countries. Negotiations are being held with all of them and some compromises in advantage of Georgia have been reached.

Georgia owes the most amount of money to Turkmenistan, which stands for 336 million dollars. Because of the fact that Georgia is not financially well off it will pay the debt basically through service and goods. 12 million dollars have already been covered and the same amount will be covered by the end of the year.

`The New Right Wing Party` opposes the Finance Minister concerning the restructurization of debt to Turkmenistan. Its members announce that the Finance Minister has a deal with `T.G. Trade`, the private company, which has won the tender. Note: Zurab Noghaideli has made a decision, according to which the `T.G. Trade` company has the right to lead certain negotiations concerning the cover of Georgia’s debts to Turkmenistan.

The Finance Minister announced that the tender was fair. As to `the New Right Wing Party`, it desires to take over the highest positions in the government and could not stand that the present authorities have reached success that is why it is eager to stop negotiations with Turkmenistan, the Minister said.


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