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Secretary General of the Council of Europe meets Georgian Patrliamentarians Today

On the second day of his official visit to Georgia, Secretay General of the Council of Europe Walter Schwimmer had the meetings with the representatives of the Parliamentary opporisition today. The sides dicussed the issues, such as local self governance elections and territorial administrative structure in Georgia. They also touched the questions of composition of election commissions. During the conversation with the Chairman of Human Rights Committee Elene Tevdoradze, issues of protection of religious minotiry rights and concordate have been discussed.

Yesterday Walter Schwimmer had the meetings with the Speaker of the Parliament urab Zhvania and the Government members, including Ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs. He also had a meeting with President Shevardnadze yesterday evening. The sides evaluated the process of fulfillment of Georgia’s obligations before the Council of Europe. Schwimmer showed his satisfaction with the results.

Secretary General’s visit ends today.


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