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Tbilisi Club Cancels Moscow Event After Public Outcry

Top Tbilisi music club Bassiani was forced to cancel an event in Moscow following mass public outcry. That three resident DJs of Bassiani were to perform at the Red Bull Music Festival in Moscow in mid-September was announced by the event organizers on August 9. Many Georgians took to Facebook …

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Two CSOs Issue Report on Police Raids at Music Clubs

Two leading Georgian civil society organizations – the Georgian Young Lawyers Association and the Human Rights Monitoring Center – issued an assessment of May 12 police raids at Tbilisi’s top music clubs – Bassiani and Cafe Gallery – as well as the legality of dispersing the rally that followed the …

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Intolerance throws the Nazi salute in Georgia

Moscow aids and benefits from Nazi rise, but the roots of intolerance are home-grown I first met Petre Ghutidze in front of Tbilisi State University in 2014 at the demonstration to defend Sakdrisi Gold Mine; he was in charge of an amateur rock concert in support of ancient gold mine …

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Not the final countdown

by Jaba Devdariani. For decades now, socially and politically active Georgians have been waiting – even hoping – for the apocalypse. For the country to go forward, its morbid addiction to the final showdown must end. Ever since the Soviet troops have massacred and gassed pro-independence supporters here on 9 …

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Before the music stops

by William Dunbar On Friday night of 11 to 12 May, hundreds of riot police descended on two of Tbilisi’s most famous nightclubs. Brandishing machine guns and dressed in paramilitary regalia, the police terrorized the clubbers at Café Gallery and Bassiani, dragging dozens of revelers off the dance floor and …

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Police Raids Two Night Clubs, Arrests Eight

Police officers raided two leading Tbilisi-based clubs Bassiani and Cafe Gallery, allegedly following the leads regarding the dealing and use of club drugs. The police entered the night clubs at around 1 am today, with video footage from the scene showing armed officers moving into the premises to conduct drug …

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