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Reclaiming Georgia’s Feminist Heritage

The sun and colors of early Tbilisi spring in the air, a colorful group gathers at the stairs of the Tbilisi State University on March 8 to mark the International Day of Solidarity of Women. The march in central Tbilisi is organized by the Independent Group of Feminists (IGF), but …

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Women affected by Abkhazia’s abortion ban

A year and a half after Abkhazia banned abortion, reportedly to increase the number of births, reports of women’s deaths and pregnancy complications have became more numerous, while the number of babies being born has not increased. Local activists have called on parliament to change the law, which they say …

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Georgian Diaspora: building ties that bind

It is a group of Georgians that rarely features in the country’s public life. But a stark reminder of their existence came in September and October 2013, when former President Mikheil Saakashvili granted Georgian citizenship to over 2,500 people of Georgian origin living in Turkey. Their enthusiasm took some people …

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Abkhaz stress their European heirtage

Resolving to identify with Europe, with Asia or in a mediating role between the two has been a part of political and identity choice for many Caucasians. The region is often described as the ‘Eurasian borderlands’, an ambiguous geographic point of reference at best. A clear choice of continental identification …

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Abkhazia: Not quite so frozen in time

Abkhaz flag flies over one of the piers in Sokhumi, August, 2013. Photo: Olesya Vartanyan of RFE/RL’s Ekho Kavkaza The road from Gali to Sokhumi shows signs of Abkhazia’s former prosperity. The tea factories in Achigvara and Dranda, used to employ hundreds of workers at the processing plants and in …

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