15 Civilians are Wounded As a Result of Bombing Marukhi Pass

15 men are wounded as a result of bombing Marukhi pass – territory in Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia Tamaz Nadareishvili stated today. The Supreme Council is the government in exile, which  is composed of the Georgian members of the Abkhaz government who fled during the war of 1992-1993.

“Several Georgian border guards may be among the injured persons”, Nadareishvili announced. Governor of Kodori gorge Emzar Kvitsiani confirmed information about the casualties in the Marukhi pass, as well as the Security Minister of Georgia. Defense Ministry denies the information.  

Tamaz Nadareishvili also stated that several dozens of Abkhazian fighters are dead and only 5 Georgian guerrillas died during the armed clashes in Abkhazia since the fighting break out on October 4.

Abkhazian side announced that 60 Georgian and Chechen intruders were annihilated.  

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