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6 Abkhazian Helicopters Bomb Marukhi Pass – 15:38 17.10

6 helicopters MI – 24 have flied from Sokhumi this morning at 9:10 a.m., bombing the adjacent areas of Marukhi pass located in “Abkhazian Svaneti.”  Helicopters have flied over villages Lata and Chkhalta and returned to Sokhumi.  The Ministry of Defense has spread the information about the mentioned fact.  According to the same military agency, shells have been dropped on non – populated territories and information about victims is not yet confirmed.

Minister of Security Vakhtang Kutateladze states that in line with unconfirmed information, there are several victims of bombing, although their identities are not known.  The Minister does not exclude that victims have occurred among very local civilian population.

Russian mass media states today as well that Abkhazian military forces have destructed a big part of Chechen – Georgian detachment.  According to Interfax, Abkhazian side has used the aviation and carried out air bombings in the surroundings of Amtkeli pass, where certain part of Georgian – Chechen grouping had been discovered in Khvamtsani mountainous area.


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