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Danger of Terrorism in Georgia

The Resonance

Publication named “Danger of Mass Terrorism in the Caucasus” in the Resonance covers present and ex-terrorist organizations in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and talks about terrorist acts they have realized.

Armenian Secret Army is the most active terrorist organization among others in Armenia. It is basically directed ageists Turks. It has organized 21 terrorist acts in Europe, Asia and America. According to the paper, the group passes separatist policy towards Georgia. Its members want that Samtskhe and Javakheti (regions in southern Georgia) joined Armenia.  

Alharamani was the main terrorist organization in Azerbaijan. According to widespread information, Alharamani was not strong enough and closed down a year ago. Transnational groups were thought to have inspired ethno conflicts in Georgia. Azeries are said to have also participated in it.

Terrorism movement was also spread in Georgia. Algeti Wolves was a terrorist group in 1990s. It detonated two cars and led anti-Russian campaign in Georgia. Algeti Wolves was a week organization and closed down. 

The Resonance talks about terrorist acts taken place in Georgia. Several Georgian public and political figures were killed by terrorists. Besides, President Shevardnadze was attacked twice. The newspaper also covers the murder case of famous Georgian journalists Giorgi Sanaia. “Publicly well-known people consider that the murder had a political motive so it may be categorized as a terrorist act”, the newspaper assumes.

According to confidential source of information of the paper, terrorist organizations registered in the Caucasus are tied with Russian criminal groups and special services.

“There is a danger that terrorism will be strengthened in Georgia”, says the Resonance. “Foreseeing the geopolitical location of Georgia and existing conflict in Abkhazia it is expected that local terrorist groups become more activated and international terrorists enter Georgia”, document made by antiterrorist center in Georgia states.   


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