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The Parliamentary Majority Falls into Several Factions

The Resonance; The Akhali Taoba

The parliamentary majority may already be regarded as broken apart. The Resonance presumes that it may fall into four pieces. According to the Akhali Taoba more than four factions will emerge for many MPs have an ambition of forming their own factions.

The Citizens’ Union of Georgia would have broken apart long time ago if Eduard Shevardnadze had not been its head, says the Resonance. The Akhali Taoba considers that it was the President’s initiative that the CUG lost the unity.

The Resonance estimates the majority’s future power division scheme. About 10-member faction thought to be called the Radicals will meet Mikheil Saakashvili in case of him becoming an MP. Head of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania will lead another 10-member faction. “He may not have to deal with the faction for a long time for the President still regards his as a candidature on the Prime Minister position”, the paper reports.

A new faction of majorette MPs is thought to be one of the groups caring interests of the President and the State Chancellery. But both the Resonance and the Akhali Taoba presume that Niko Lekishvili together with his team will be the major reliable force for the President. 

“Alliance for New Georgia” is another group supporting the President. “Several majorette MPs are to form a faction, which is backed by Levan Mamaladze, Governor of Kvemo Kartli (southern region in Georgia)”, the Akhali Taoba states.

Groups emerged after the fall of the CUG will make a new platform forming a new parliamentary majority, head deputy of the CUG Merab Tkheshelashvili told the Resonance. The paper is confused about which platform the head deputy talks about for the majority as well as the CUG had always been criticized for it missing one common platform.


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