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The Daily Dispatch – August 25


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BANDING TOGETHER A wide spectrum of the Georgian opposition – some 30 parties – have agreed to pool their forces in recording and responding to the potential election code violations by the ruling party. They all fear the Georgian Dream is going to pull all the stops in using civil servants and their oligarch boss’ financial prowess to secure a comfortable lead in the general elections slated for this autumn. The tent was much wider than the united opposition group which plans to field the joint candidates in Tbilisi and back each other in the provinces. So, potentially a powerful move if the band manages to put their words to practice.

BASKING IN THE NORTHERN SUN We wrote already that the Alliance of Patriots was caught cavorting with the enemy – now we have that scoop in English. In the same article, you’d see that the opposition European Georgia has called on the prosecution to investigate the potential election interference from Moscow. Even the ruling party – which often found the Alliance as its useful partner – was compelled to say some clarification was needed. Nino Burjanadze, who has extensively consorted with the Kremlin’s inhabitants herself, said “in a normal country” the report would lead to an investigation. She added, guardedly, that of course, any foreign interference is a sin, but the Russian one is more damaging since it involves an occupying power. Jealous much?! Hard to say. What is clear, Russian connection is not considered a vote-bait even by pro-Kremlin powers.

TROUBLE With its religiously tainted visit across the ABL, the very same Alliance created quite a headache in Sokhumi as well. Aslan Bzhania, the top man, met the war veterans from “Aruaa” movement, who clamored for the blood of Bzhania’s aide, one Sakania, who reportedly met the Alliance leaders. The meet happened behind the closed doors, and the noises are that Sakania’s head might roll. One can’t help thinking, that the Moscow puppet masters asked the Alliance to cool down the recent mood of detente that reigned in Sokhumi after Bzhania’s ascent. But that’d be just another Russophobic rant.

FUN AND GAMES? Both of Georgia’s occupied provinces will join Russia’s army games. A symbolic event, as August 26 will mark 12 years since Russian president Dmitry Medvedev decided to recognize both Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states. Russian strongman, defense chief Shoygu met his Abkhaz counterparts and spoke of the “common defense space.” That old saying about Greeks bearing gifts that springs readily to mind…

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