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Russians Faked It – Georgian Ministry of Defense 16:27 14.10

Spokesperson for the Georgian Defense Ministry Nino Sturua told the journalists today that “Russian peacekeepers attempted to imitate an attack on their posts.”

According to the spokesperson, on October 13 Georgian MOD intercepted a radio command of the Russian Peacekeeping Force to their units 106 and 107 in Abkhazia’s Kodori gorge to open fire in all directions.

The official also stated that Russian Peacekeepers as well as the UN Observer Mission was informed of the content of the intercept on Saturday.

Kodori gorge of Abkhazia has been in focus of the Georgian and Russian media as the epicenter of a recent military escalation in Abkhazia, Georgia. Presence of the Chechen and Georgian guerrillas was reported by the Abkhaz and Russian news sources.


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