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There Will Be No Firm Majority in the Parliament Any More

The Dilis Gazeti; The Alia; The Akhali Taoba

President Shevardnadze announced officially yesterday that he is leaving the position of head of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia. “The statement was expected and it was prepared long time ago”, the Dilis Gazeti says; “the bridge” (the President’s responsibility in both legislative and executive branches), which existed would not let the whole system function in the right way”. The President’s disassociation from the party founded by him means his disassociation from the whole Parliament. The newspaper regards the process absolutely ordinary. “Zurab Zhvania, the Parliamentary Chairman, called Shevardnadze’s decision a new reality in Georgia politics”, the Alia reports. 

“Shevardnadze revenged the CUG. He passed his former party all the responsibility, which he used to share joylessly”, the Akhali Taoba says. It is obvious that the newspaper has negative attitude towards his announcement. 

The Alia offers several versions concerning Shevardnadze’s resigning from the position. According to the first version, it may be thought that he agreed on the issue with Aslan Abashidze, leader of Adjara Autonomous Republic. Leaders of the CUG deny the idea. It is also possible that Shevardnadze left the position because of Zhvania’s recent visibility and Saakashvili’s (the Justice Minister) boldness. According to the third version, the President and Zhvania have made a deal. “It is advantageous for Zhvania that the President has resigned. Now he can establish a new party of his own and build it according to his own believes”, the newspaper says. The fourth version claims that the President made a step back and reduced his responsibility spheres.

The Alia talks about negative effects following the fact: power balance will be disintegrated and mixed in the Legislative branch. Georgia will have the Parliament it had in 1992-1995.

The Dilis Gazeti predicts possible results of the President’s action: Shevardnadze will probably keep equal distance with all parliamentary factions. It will not have one particular favorite although each faction will regard itself his preferred. There will be no firm majority in the Parliament and the government will be separated according to “the real American model”. 

“A new era of Zhvania’s political carrier has begun… In case he does not follow his emotions and does not make bold mistakes he will keep himself on a high political position… It would be a huge mistake if he and his team left the CUG. Moreover, Zhvania should keep the party with its present name, legal status, etc”, the Dilis Gazeti assumes.  


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