Georgian Leaders Commemorate the Memorial Day of Cadets

On February 23, Georgian leaders commemorated the cadets who died in the battle of Kojori-Tabakhmela in 1921 fighting against the Russian Red Army. The Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Parliament, the Mayor of Tbilisi, Ministers and deputies paid homage to the monument of the cadets in the courtyard of the Parliament. The President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili wasn’t invited to the ceremony and visited the memorial separately.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, emphasized the role of the fallen cadets in Georgian history, noting: “This day always reminds us that the Georgian nation will never agree to its land being subordinated, occupied and treated as a part and province [of another state].” Speaking at the ceremony, he also noted that this day should remind Georgians to fight for the liberation: “Of course, we should not forget the dedicated struggle of the cadets against the occupation and we should complete the task of liberating our country from the occupation, which should end with the [restoration of] unity of our country.”

The President of Georgia laid a wreath at the memorial of the cadets in Kojori separately. The press release of the presidential administration clarifies: “Unfortunately, due to the fact that the President of Georgia was not invited by the Parliament, she did not have the opportunity to attend the memorial service for the souls of the cadets in the Annunciation Chapel located in the courtyard of the Parliament and to pay tribute to the memory of the cadets together with other representatives of state institutions.”

Speaking to journalists, Papuashvili said that President Zurabishvili was not invited to the ceremony because “last year she was invited and she did not attend the ceremony, ask her the reason, I don’t know why she did not come, so she was not there last year and we did not invite her this year either”.

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