GD Received GEL 9.5 Million in Political Donations, TI Report Says

On February 22, Transparency International – TI Georgia, a local watchdog, released its quarterly newsletter on political donations from October 1 to December 31, according to which donations to the ruling “Georgian Dream” party in the fourth quarter of 2023 jumped to GEL 9.5 million (about USD 3.5 million), accounting for 93 per cent of all political donations and 13 times more than all other parties combined.

All opposition parties combined, on the other hand, received about GEL 700 000 (about USD 256 000) in donations. “Georgian Dream” was followed by “Lelo for Georgia” with a total of GEL 330,000 (about USD 120,700), the “United National Movement” with a total of GEL 241,000 (about USD 88,117), etc.

TI-Georgia notes that eleven companies that donated to the ruling party were awarded tenders worth more than GEL 200 million (approximately USD 73 130 000) in the second half of 2023 and the same companies have won tenders worth more than 1.7 billion GEL since 2013 when GD came to power.

In addition, 24 companies that donated to “Georgian Dream” have been granted simplified procurement contracts worth GEL 616 000 (approximately USD 225 230) during the same period.

No company related to donors of the opposition parties won the tender during the reported period. In addition, only three such companies were awarded simple procurement contracts worth a total of GEL 15,000 (approximately USD 5,500).

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