GD Calls on Supporters to Rally Against “Black Cash”, Attack on Church,” “LGBT Propaganda”

Ruling Georgian Dream is calling on its supporters to come together “on the gathering of all people” at the Parliament of Georgia on April 29 against “financing with the black cash of the revolution, attacking the Orthodox Church, political intervention on religious grounds, LGBT propaganda, drug propaganda, discrediting state institutions, radicalization and so-called polarization.” According to pro-government POSTV, GD founder and honorary Chairman Bidzina Ivanishvili is expected to attend the rally.

In the statement issued on April 22, the ruling party claims that this year, unlike the last year, “the radical opposition managed to deceive only the small portion of our citizens” with the number of protesters against the reintroduced foreign agents bill “reaching 9500 at its best.” “It is obvious that the millions of dollars invested in strengthening the radical opposition by Kezerashvili, Khazaradze and rich NGOs’ unscrupulous donors did not pay off,” the statement says.

GD again referres to the controversial GORBI polls, claiming to have over 60 percent support, with the only one another party [UNM-according to the polls] crossing the electoral threshold. “Against this background, the politically bankrupt radical opposition, rich NGOs and the so-called President speak to us in the name of the people, which causes justifiable irritation to our supporters, the absolute majority of the Georgian population.”

“We will show everyone where the great majority of the Georgian people stand, for whom the truth and true European values are dear, for whom our traditional national values – homeland, language and faith are dear,” GD said, concluding the statement with reiterating the call -“let’s say together no to black money and yes to transparency, the true European way, independent and sovereign Georgia!”

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